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Árpád Solti, born 1986, is a Junior Prima Award-winning composer, pianist and organist, and a recognized figure in Hungarian as well as international music life. He studied music in Budapest, Brussels and Gothenburg, where he currently resides. He is also an organist for the Swedish Church in Borås.

His art is characterized by knowledge and respect for traditions, as well as integration of innovative compositional techniques. In Árpád Solti’s music, Gregorian chant, baroque and jazz idioms fit well together with elements from progressive metal and electronic club music – for example techno and dubstep.

In 2013, his one-act opera, La Violetta, was premiered by the Hungarian State Opera House. It is released on record.

His works have been performed by prominent figures on the music scene, such as the Hungarian National Philharmonic, Concerto Budapest, Pannon Philharmonic, Óbuda Danubia Orchestra, Budafoki Dohnányi Orchestra, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Jénai Philharmonic Orchestra, Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra, UMZE, the Kodály Choir in Debrecen and the Archbishop’s Boys Choir in Eger.

Árpád is also a member of the Studio 5 composer’s group, together with Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Roland Szentpáli, and András Gábor Virágh. They organize concerts with special themes and high attendance.

His works have so far been published in print by Editio Musica Budapest and Bo Ejeby Förlag.

In 2019, his first composer’s portrait album, Shut It Down, was released by MZK Publishing! On this record, Árpád’s musician friends Máté Bán, Péter Szűcs, Gergely Opauszki, Anastasia Rasvalyaeva, Gábor Palotás, András Derecskei and Veronika Harcsa are featured.

Árpád Solti is also active as a performer, and regularly performs as a pianist and organist in solo and chamber concerts. The Swedish label Lalliox has so far released three solo piano albums with Árpád performing gems from the Swedish romantic literature.



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